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Are you a professional, motivated individual with a passion for watersports?  If so, then you're just the person we're looking for.





We employ a range of seasonal staff including administrative, instructing and management roles. All of our waterfront staff must be dual-qualified. For example RYA Sailing Instructor and RYA Powerboat Instructor, or RYA Windsurf Instructor and Bsupa SUP Instructor.


For all overseas staff, flights and accommodation are included. We actively encourage staff to gain new skills and qualifications during their time with us and therefore we offer £100 training bursary to all staff. For more information on recruitment see our JOBS page.


For more information on how to start your own watersports centre with our help see our JOBS page and email



Scroll down to meet our current team!


To apply for a role please email:


Caroline (Maz) Yates
Managing Director

James MacKenzie

Trainee Supervisor

"In the watersports world, I am generally known as 'Maz'. A long time ago, during my very first summer overseas, I dressed up as Marilyn Monroe ... and ever since I've been called Maz! I have worked overseas, either teaching watersports or managing watersports centres since 2001. I have been lucky enough to work for some of the biggest companies in the business and as a result, I have learnt a lot about how to deliver a fantastic holiday to all ages.


I decided to start Horizon Watersports because I love the idea of small centres where everyone can come and go at their leisure, making use of as much or as little equipment as they wish to. I also wanted a centre that would do two key things: one, help other people start their watersports careers at affordable prices and two,  a centre that would give something back to the local community. We want everyone to feel at home at our centre. I hope we'll see you there!"


James is a great part of the team in Nidri. He can teach paddle boards, kayaking, sailing, power boating and most recently Windsurfing! He is a enthusiastic paddler and is our main man when it comes to Guided Paddle Tours. Partly because he is so good at finding the starfish when we stop for a snorkel!

“I am very excited to be working with Horizon Watersports. I am learning lots and enjoying every minute of it. I particularly enjoy teaching the children at our Youth Club. It's great to see how much they progress in a short space of time. I think soon they will be teaching me!"

Sara Lannin

Senior Instructor

Jake Gallagher

Training Foundation Manager

Sara is a very experienced instructor and has worked in watersports for many years. Sara's love of sailing has led her to manage watersports centres in her home country of Ireland, as well as enjoying adventures further afield, such as Greece!  We believe her passion for watersports shines through and we're sure you'll agree when you meet her!


"I'm really happy to be part of the Horizon Watersports team. I have heard a lot of good things about the work they do and I'm delighted  to be a part of it. Helping disadvantaged young adults become instructors is a great thing to be part of. Plus the location here in Greece is simply great! "

​Jake runs all our Instructor Training Courses. He has been a sailor since he was very young and he started his windsurf career right here at Horizon Watersports, where he completed a 5 week training course in order to become an RYA Instructor. His natural flare for watersports and his passion to share the sport with others makes him an excellent instructor for all ages.  Passing on all that he has learnt to our trainee instructors, ensures that they can also enjoy a great watersports career. 


"I spent five weeks here on a training course and instantly decided windsurf instructing was the job for me. It's such a great sport, every time you go afloat it's fun and yet challenging all at the same time. I also love sailing and have done that for years. I love being able to help new instructors fulfill their potential and go on to enjoy their work as much as I enjoy mine! "

Archie Battison

Senior Instructor

Archie has a spectacular moustache, and second to his passion for that is his passion for watersports. He is a very knowledgeable watersports instructor, having taught for many years in a variety of boats and craft. If you want to know more about powerboating Archie is your man. As well as supervising one of our beach teams Archie also works in our private villas. 

"It's really exciting to be working in Greece, after a number of years teaching in the UK.  We have a great team here and whilst it is hard work it is also great fun! When we are not afloat we are usually fooling around in a way that generates money for charity. I really like the way Horizon are so keen to raise money for charity! "

Dom Smith


​Dom has worked multiple seasons abroad and this year we are lucky enough to have him as the Supervisor at our Amanzoe hotel base in Krinidi. Dom is a keen Sailor and loves to teach beginners and get them hooked!


"This Summer is going to be brilliant, the sun and sea are just incredible in Greece. Teaching watersports out here is the dream job. The local area is amazing too, with little sleepy villages to explore or day trips to Athens, there is plenty to see and do!"

Emily Brabbs

Operations Support & Training Advisor

Emily is an exceptional instructor with a huge range of experience. Emily is a sailing, windsurfing, paddle boarding and power boating instructor. Plus a ski, snowboard and gymnastics instructor! Over the years Emily has enjoyed a range of watersports, but her true passion lies with windsurfing. Emily has been a manager in both summer and winter resorts, and now spends her time based in the UK.


"I have worked in Greece for many years. I simply can't tear myself away. The surroundings are amazing. It truly is a great holiday destination. Plus of course a great place to become a watersports instructor. I am delighted to still be able to spend time in Greece and support Horizon Watersports as it grows each year."

Natalie Turner

Business Manager &

Watersports Instructor

​Natalie has been coming to Lefkas to visit family for many many years, before deciding to settle here herself and join the Horizon team. She is a font of knowledge when it comes to all things Lefkas-y. You will mainly find Natalie in our office on Nidri high street, however she is also a qualified power boat driver and windsurf instructor. Which means she is often helping out at the beach and on the water. Is there anything she can't do?


"I have always had a place in my heart for Lefkas Island, since coming here at a young age and enjoying many wonderful holidays. I am delighted to now be working here and making many more great memories. If you are in Nidri, please pop in to our office and say hello, I'd be  happy to tell you about our watersports and also lots of other island adventures. Plus don't forget to pop your spare change in our charity collection box....I'm a big fan of our charity en-devours! "

Dom Betts

Centre Manager

Dom is the Manager for our exciting new addition, providing Watersports tuition for the ultra luxury resort Amanzoe based in Kranidi. Dom has worked many seasons some of which were previously in Greece. He has spent many years teaching and is really enthusiastic about helping others to enjoy watersports as much as he does.


"I can’t wait to start working in Greece with Horizon Watersports this summer. From heading up an excellent team to teaching in the warm waters and great sailing conditions. I am looking forward to having my first gyros in a while and am looking forward to exploring whilst absorbing the culture. All this can be done from our Amanzoe base as it’s easy to do a day trip to Athens or Epidavros, two places well worth visiting when in Greece.  Sailing one day and Athens the next!" 

Martha Kemp

Watersports Instructor

Martha has been in the Watersports industry for 6 years working seasons both in the UK and abroad, some of the destinations she has worked in are Italy, Greece and Croatia. Martha is dual qualified so you might find her in a boat one day and windsurfing the next! 

Martha's dream destination (second to Nidri of course) is New Zealand.

"I'm looking forward to working in a different part of Greece to see what else this fantastic country has to offer. The location of the centre is great for teaching and I also can't wait to explore the Island."

Eva Murray

Watersports Instructor

Eva joins the Horizon Watersports Team for her first season also having completed the 5 week training course with Horizon. You can find Eva teaching a range of activities at our Amanzoe base including Windsurfing, Paddle boarding, Kayaking and Sea bobbing. What a range of exciting activities!  


"I am really excited for my first season abroad and am looking forward to teaching others new skills, I also love to explore and can't wait to find all that this area of Greece has to offer, it's going to be a great Summer! "

Jamie Cuxson Watersports Instructor 

Jamie is a sailing whizz. He has been a keen sailor for 10 years and loves to race. When not blasting around the race course you'll often find him in the committee boat helping to organise the races.  Jamie's other skills and interests include Tennis, Economics and Maths. 


Jo Gilbert

Administrator & Watersports Instructor

Jo started her Instructor story with Horizon Watersports, gaining her Dinghy Instructor Qualification in our very own Nidri Bay. Jo comes from a Watersports enthusiastic family and when she's not sailing sailing in the South East of England Jo is a qualified biologist! Just like in the UK Jo has joined the team in dual role of Administrator and Watersports Instructor.


"Im really looking forward to the Season and teaching others in the same location where I gained my qualifications, Nidri is such a great location and Im really excited to be part of the Horizon Watersports Team " 


Watersports Instructor


Stan Nokes

Watersports Instructor


Chloe Purcell

Watersports Instructor

Chloe is another Instructor born of Horizon, having holidayed in Nidri a few years ago and enjoyed lessons with her family Chloe decided Instructing was the way forward for her and completed her Dinghy Instructor Qualification at the Horizon Watersports in Nidri. This year chloe is back with Horizon ad part of the Aman Zoe team. 

When not on the water you will find Chloe full of energy and having adventures anywhere but inside as she is currently completing an outward bound course at the University of Derby.

"I am so excited for this Summer and cant wait to be out on the water teaching, I am really happy to be a part of the Horizon Watersports Team"

Oscar Lavington

Watersports Instructor

Kyle Hurst

Private Villa Instructor


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