Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding, or SUPing, is the biggest craze to hit watersports in decades. It's so popular because it's so accessible. Everyone can enjoy time afloat on a SUP. Whether you want to stand up and race them at great speeds or simply potter about on your knees while enjoying the scenery, they truly are great fun for everyone. 

Our boards are entry level boards, designed to suit children and adults. They are stable and light weight making them easier to master than a more advanced SUP. They are perfect for family fun and have a go paddlers. 

We also use them for our SUP Club, which meets once a week on Saturday mornings. At SUP club we enjoy gentle social  paddles along the coast and around the local islands. If you would like more information on SUP club please get in touch. You can hire our board or bring your own. 

Onsite Hire:

1 hour lesson €20

1 hour hire €10 

3 hour hire €25

(5 hrs used across any number of days) 

Guided Tours €25 - €35

Offsite Hire:

1 day €45

1 week €125

We offer paddle board hire and tuition. We also offer guided tours at a gentle pace around the local islands and coastline. 

You can hire a board and take it with you, to your villa, yacht or in your car. They deflate and roll up in to a carry bag. Or you can use it in our bay with our safety cover and staff on hand to help you. Hire in the bay is €10 per person per hour. Or €25 for a 3 hour hire. This could be 1 person using a board for 3 hours across any number of days. Or 3 people using boards for 1 hour each. It is a flexible arrangement, to suit your holiday plans.  

Our offsite hires include board, paddle, optional bouyancy aids, safety chat and delivery on the island. We can organise delivery off the island for a small charge. If you have never used a paddle board before, you also have the option of a free 20 min intro session to ensure you really enjoy the boards. If you would like a 1 hour lesson the price is €20 per person. 

Our paddle boards lessons are aimed at beginners and are €20 per person for a 1 hour lesson. SUP lessons are not essential before hiring them, however it is a really good idea to have a lesson because a few top tips from our staff can really make a difference when you first try it. 

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