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Why Greece?

August 30, 2018

When I got asked to write this post about living and working in Greece and what’s so fun about it I had to consider it long and hard.


Now don’t get me wrong it’s certainly not because I have nothing to say on the subject but more I worried I’d bore people with the numerous pages I’d end up writing. There are so many classic things that everyone else raves about; the sun, sea and sand. For me, however Greece is so much more than that.




It’s the wandering down a random alley and coming across a hidden garden café, full of beauty and serenity. It’s getting caught up in a row of Greek dancers and bouncing round the street with strangers you may never know the names of. It's heading in to the hills and seeing another breathtaking view to add to the album. It’s the stray donkey that wanders braying down the street. Greece is so much more than just another European country. It is a whole, wild culture that you can’t help but become immersed in.



For myself, a standard day starts with rolling out of bed at around 0730am to get ready for work.  I recommend getting yourself a pumping playlist to start the day, nothing gets me ready for teaching than bouncing around to a “Monday Motivation” soundtrack or singing along in the shower to some of the “Rock Legends”. 


In this job you’re never short of things to do or friends to do it with. As cheesy as it sounds saying you end up as one big family, you really do, to explain it is hard but the relationships you forge with people here run deeper than others that you may make in “normal jobs”, you see each all day every day, for work and play. 



























Being here, is a way of being, it’s not just a job; you sweat, you swim, you work, you sail, you laugh, you experience Greece in all it's beauty. You make friends for life. 


And honestly who could ask for more from a job?

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