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The sights and sounds of Nidri

Things are heating up here in Nidri, and not just for the team at Horizon; the entire town is getting busier and busier by the day. With that in mind, I thought I'd take you on a virtual tour of the sights and sounds of Nidri.


As you come down the hill, you are greeted by a long promenade from which you can admire your first views of the bay and its local islands. Behind you villas dot the luscious, green hills which are covered with fragrant flowers at this time of year.


As the main road straightens and levels off nearer the sea; various alleys and paths lead down to the secluded bay where we're based. Enjoy a stroll along the beach to the sounds of lapping water and distant noises of engines passing the bay. 


Heading into the town further and you can either choose to stay on the main road or follow the signs for the Port and go down to the waterfront. Here you will find a few yachts moored up, the ferry to the Meganisi and other local islands, as well as boat tours. 




Sticking to the main road, things get narrower and busier as shops, bars, and restaurants all vie for your attention; signs and people spill out from every angle at all times of the day on every form of transport.


If you can get in to the hills, just a short climb rewards you with stunning views.  Every way you look you have to take a moment to enjoy the view.


This place is amazing...fascinating.... and wonderful all rolled in to one!


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