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Looking Back - Where my summer began!

 "Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down, and I'd like to take a minute, just sit right there, I'll tell you how I became an employee of Horizon Watersports situated opposite The Bel-Air!" 



Yes  that's right - our beach cente in Nidri is opposite a hotel called the Bel-Air.  Hopefully you follow the reference of the Fresh Prince song, if not, time to do some google research because here's more of the same....



"In South West England born and raised, In the countryside was where I spent most of my days, Chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool, walking my dog in the fields next to the local school.

When I saw an advert for a job, on the island I love,

I made a decision to apply without needing a shove!"



In the gate lounge at Birmingham airport I met my team mates and much excitement was expressed for the Summer ahead, we boarded our flight, destination Horizon Watersports, Nidri, Lefkas Island - GREECE. 


After landing in sunny Corfu and picking up my sodden luggage from the baggage carousel, rainy England was becoming a distant memory. 


Locating the Taxi ranks outside of Corfu Airport we laid our luggage out and half expected to need two Taxi's...but before we know it the bungees were out and the taxi driver had balanced our luggage in the tiny boot!  


After watching our bags precariously yet expertly stacked and strapped, we head for Corfu Ferry Port.  We sat on the top deck of the ferry looking out at the beautiful Corfu coastline. Seeing the Greek flag flying in the gentle breeze and the colour of the Ionian Blue the standards were being set high for our summer in paradise!




The last leg of the journey was the Taxi ride to our final destination and once again... out came the bungees and we were on our way. After a couple of hours and a head nodding nap or two later we crossed the bridge and arrived on the beautiful island of Lefkada.


First port of call was the staff house, followed by introductions to our new Horizon family. By far the most important person I was introduced to was my trusty stead for the Summer, my fair Ramona the Raleigh!


She shall get me from A to B, with that 'Vintage' faded colour scheme it was love at first sight!


The arrival day just so happened to be my Birthday so we headed out as a group for the first of many Gyros and slice of cake.


All in all my first 24 hours was the perfect snippet for the Summer to come and memories to be what are you waiting for?!


Book with Horizon Watersports today and I'll see you on the beach! 




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