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Working together to Save Lives!

August 17, 2017

At Horizon Watersports we take safety very seriously. We also take fun very seriously and we want everyone to enjoy watersports, which is why we ensure that safety comes first in all we do. 


This summer we decided to get in touch with local motorboat companies and ask for their help in delivering a key watersports safety rule. 


All too often you hear horror stories of complacent or careless powerboat drivers taking to the water without wearing a killcord. The killcord is one of the most important bits of safety kit that any watersports user should know about it.


When you are driving a powerboat, there is a red lanyard that attaches the driver to an 'engine switch'. If the driver pulls the lanyard it becomes detached from the engine switch and the engine stops, this means if the driver was to fall out of the boat the engine would stop. This lanyard is the KILLCORD.  It "kills the engine and it stops the engine killing people."









The purpose of the Killcord is to ‘kill’ the engine and in doing so it saves lives. A moving powerboat with with no driver onboard is inclined to circle in the water,  meaning that anyone in the water will struggle to escape it’s path and is highly likely to be struck by the propeller. Even a small boat propeller can do serious damage to a person. There are a number of stories of people suffering life changing injuries and people dying in tragic powerboat accidents.  Many of which are due to improper use of a killcord or indeed the absence of a killcord altogether. It's a very simple, but very effective bit of kit. Something every boat user should know about. 



In an effort to promote safe powerboat use, the RYA provide killcord reminder stickers with all powerboat handbooks. Powerboating is such a great sport, when done safely, and often a small amount of info about why killcords matter can make the difference between people using them or not. Which means these stickers are a great idea!


In Greece, where we operate, there are a number of great powerboat rental places. All of which are passionate about boating and take safety very seriously. This summer they agreed to help us spread the word about killcord safety. We asked the RYA for lots of free Killcord Reminder Stickersand our local boat hire friends agreed to place them in their boats and help enforce that all their customers use killcords.




























We want killcords to become as normal as seatbelts are in cars. Of course, killchords are like that for many people already, but sadly some drivers do still leave them hanging in the boat, unaware of the risks they are taking. They are creating a risk to themselves, their passengers and anyone enjoying the water around them.


If you go boating, please remember to use your killcord, accidents happen to even the most skilled drivers. Nobody knows when an accident is going to happen, if they did we’d have no accidents!  


Please wear your killcord and encourage others to also. If you know of places you could hand out stickers, contact the RYA today and ask for a free batch of stickers.  Big thank you to all the Nidri boaters that are helping us spread this important safety message.


Powerboating is great fun, if done safely.


Killcords save lives.

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