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Easter car boot fun

March 31, 2016

 As you might be aware one of our company aims is to raise £15,000 for charity. We got off to a very successful start by raising £1, 146 during our first summer, and we have been keen to continue our efforts throughout the winter as best we can. Recently we attended a car boot sale in the UK and managed to raise £139 for our good causes!


It was a gloomy March day with lots of cloud, and rain stopping and starting, so we weren’t feeling too confident that there would be many people there. Luckily, we were wrong! Having never been to a car boot sale before we planned to get there nice and early to get all of our bits and pieces laid out neatly, ready for customers to wander past. We even made laminated posters telling people all about the causes we were trying to raise money for.


However, a spanner was thrown in the works when Maz got lost on the motorway and arrived an hour later than expected! So instead we arrived just in time to get in the field as the public arrived. We didn't really know what to expect, and were overwhelmed by the number of people ready to buy from us the second we pulled up. Before we’d even switched our engines off we had a group of keen and eager carbooters ready to search through our clothes, books, jewellery and goodies.

We hastily unpacked one car, laid out our trestle tables and plastered our posters to the car windows. As there were 3 of us this didn’t take too long, and before we knew it both cars were unloaded and we were collecting money. As there was no time to get things organised it was a bit of a ‘smash and grab’ event. All 3 of us were busy taking coins, and when we finally stopped to take a breath after about an hour we realised we had raised well over £100!


With the odd shout out and our little signs we made it clear that all money was for our good causes, which definitely encouraged some goodwill as people paid more than the asking price at times. Once the clouds began to threaten rain again all the other stalls began to pack away, and we followed suit just before Storm Katie came back through.


It was great fun to do and  has given us lots of confidence to do another. We are planning the next one for July so if you have any bits and pieces you would like to donate we will gladly take them off your hands! Please email to let us know. We’ll also be organising lots of exciting challenges and fun events in Nidri to raise as much as possible throughout the summer, so if you are going to be visiting do pop down and see what shrapnel you can spare!




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