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Horizon Watersports has only been made possible by the support and generosity of our backers. Our initial start-up funds were raised using a Crowdfunder platform. Crowdfunder UK is a website which enables you to promote your idea and seek pledges from people who wish to see that idea come to life.


Each and every person that helped us spread the word, either online or in person, took us a step closer towards success. We were so lucky to receive so much support and raise £15,000 in 4 weeks. This money meant that we had the funds we needed to start the ball rolling and to start bringing Horizon Watersports to life. We've listed here all the people that we know helped us, but we are sure there are many more that helped behind the scenes. We thank you all.


In reaching our goal and setting up Horizon Watersports, we can now provide a variety of watersports for the public and also provide a great programe of instructor training courses. We really believe that the ability to offer free instructor courses will help to make a positive difference to many disadvantaged young adults. This instructor training is only possible thanks to all the donations we received from the public.  We would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for helping us to help others!

Kevin Willcox

Lisette Dupre

Jo Wright

Josh Farmer

Clive Andrews

Sam Griffiths

Rory Longhurst

Dom Etchells

Christiane Morris

Joy Whiteley

Tom Dyke

Tunji Markhor

Steph Dewar

Cat Vizor

Ian Gillies

John Warner

Rowan Carver


Finlay Fd

Christine Berry


Rachel Colerick

Joe Franklin

Barrie and Gill

Steph Todd

Max Bowden

Matthew Bridge

Victoria Percy

Katharine Hodgson

Mrs E. Todd

Diane Hallaways

Diana Percy

Gary Lowe

Jonathan Ruttley

Amy Carter

Harriet Spearman

Sheila Brooman

Chris Craig Harvey

Paul Dougal Harris

Ruth Fogarty


Alanah L


Helen Hardy

Elizabeth Lowe

Toby Bradby

Mrs J Dundas

Colin Matthews 

David Price-Bray

Matt Le Marquand 

Katie Sinclair

Rebecca Tovey

Lucinda Hall

Gavin Treacy

Alex Jones

Tish Seligman

Louise Davies


Danny Warrener



Rebecca Kellagher

Vanessa Ayoola


Toby Hine-Haycock

Emily Brabbs

Jackhardy 1

Carol Murphy

Emily Rae

David Packer

Rowan Hydes

Lucy Dundas

Liam Bennett

Guy Cobbold

Caitlin Sedgeworth

Candy Dawson

Hugh Todd


Alex Evans



Lou P

Mark Adrian Corbett

Christopher Maule

Grace Drury

Laura Eames

Kamila Zadora

Ian Thomas

Laura Craig Harvey


Ben Warrener

Michael Devlin

Nadine Gilbert

Claire Thoroughgood

Debbie Keane

Graham Spicer

Liam Alford

Alex Berry

Beci Goodwin

Freddie Vere Nicoll


Dave Hackford

Iain Robertson

Sally Reynoldson

Barry J Eames

Andrew Spearman

Mum Lumbard

Tom Gilbert Marsh

Charles Merullo

Huw Michael

Georgina Craig Harvey

Julia Craig Harvey

Robert Heath

Sarah Duckworth

Tom Brooman

Mark Adrian Corbett

Emily Johnston

Kirsty Bott

Paul Yates

Laura Smith

Ben Warrener

David Yates


Thank you

Thank You For Making A Difference:

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Millie Edwards

Hayley Nicholls

Kate Brooman

Katie Heywood

Alex O'Byrne 

Harriet Bridgeman

Nh Berry

Emma-Louise Brett-Phare

Louis Roberts

Martin Reeve

Louise Berkhauer

Mark Saul

Julia Craig Harvey

Ailz Phillips

Jamie Harman

Charlie Dalby 

Ben Constable Maxwell

Virginia Constable Maxwell



Crystal Dolphin

Jenny Stephenson

Kirsten & Matt

Kirsty Wild

Nick Spearman

Swedish Jon

Daniel Ascough

Sam Sensesligil

Patrizia Guasti

Matthew Rutterford

Paul Spearman

Dominic Bott

Robin Swinbank

Marie Antoinette Pereire

Penny Jarvis

Caroline Hornyold

Steve Milne

Mike Claire Textiles



Simon Luck

Charlie Baker

Mary Craig Harvey

Joshua Gould

Kirsty Gould

Mark Taylor

Chiara Merullo

Ali Yates

Matt Harbour

Joe Harbour

Tom Adams

Heather Rowan-Robinson

Charles A Craig Harvey

Natasha Henderson 

Neil Cain

Keith Stocker

Nick Burt

H & T Yates

James Robertson


Becky Willis

James Hayhurst-France

Adam W

Jamie Taggart

Kevin and Jill

Jonny Moffatt

Claire Foster

Will Capps

Megan Williams

Sharon Yates

Sarah Taylor

Andy Carey 

Blair Drummond

Scott Taylor


Emma-Louise Brett-Phare

Stelios Anifantis

Fatih Çakıroğlu




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