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Can I bring my RYA logbook and get units signed off as I go?

Yes, please do bring your RYA logbook with you. We encourage sporting progression and really want to help you reach your next goal. You can also buy logbooks in resort.

What safety procedures are in place?

We operate to RYA standards of safety at all time, because we want to make you are not only having great fun afloat but also staying safe. All guests are given a safety chat before going afloat. This includes information about the area you can sail in and how to get rescued. We have powerboat cover at all times to perform rescues when needed. Staff also have constant radio communication and use binnoculars to watch the water. You will be asked to fill out a Guest Information Form before doing any of the activities. This lets us know vital information such as medical conditions, emergency contact details and swimming ability. All guests must wear a buoyancy aid or windsurf harness when on the water. 

What is ‘Toddler Splash’?

This is a 1 hour session aimed at building water confidence in children aged under 5. Toddlers are joined by a parent or guardian in the shallows, and enjoy water games such as lilo floating, jumping off paddle boards and sitting in kayaks. An instructor is on hand to encourage the children to sit in the boats and hold the ropes or steer. In some sessions they might also take the toddlers (with a guardian) out sailing in the deeper waters. Toddler Splash is very flexible; children can drop in and out as they please throughout the hour. It’s a great way for children to make new friends and to become familiarised with the equipment and being in the water.

Can I hire a car? If so, what documentation will I need to provide?

There are several car hire suppliers in Nidri, with perhaps the best-known being Avis. You will need to bring your full UK driving license (2 parts if applicable) and your passport when hiring a vehicle.

Do local businesses accept credit and debit cards?

Not all restaurants and shops accept payments by credit or debit card - though the majority do. There are several cash  points and a bank with a cash machine on Nidri's high street.

What is ‘Youth Club’?

Run on a Tuesday and Sunday evening for 2 hours, Youth Club is designed for under 18s to have fun and games afloat, and improve their watersports skills. The session is led by instructors and involves playing team games in the water, such as obstacle courses and paddle races. For the older children we try to mix about an hour of sailing or windsurfing tuition in with the games, so that they can begin to feel confident helming their own boats or sailing their own windsurfer.

Can I wear my own harness or buoyancy aid for sailing and/or windsurfing?

Of course! You're very welcome to wear your own harness or buoyancy equipment - though your equipment and your actions must comply with RYA regulations.

Where is the nearest hospital?

There are two doctors in Nidri town and the nearest hospital is just 20 minutes away in Lefkas town.


Is the tap water safe to drink?

We are very lucky on the island of Lefkas - the tap water is safe to drink. This is not the case on main land Greece.

What is ‘Young at Heart’?

This FREE session is run on the first Monday of each month for an hour and a half, and is specifically for 65+ guests. If you are lacking experience and are looking to build your water confidence, you can have a lesson with an instructor, or go for a joyride and get an introduction to dinghy sailing or paddling. A safety boat is always on hand and you will be supervised by an instructor. If you can already sail or windsurf, or want to do a bit of paddle boarding or kayaking, the equipment is available for you to hire and go. All for FREE! Please note that booking in advance is essential.

Is there anywhere to do laundry in Nidri?

There is a small launderette on the high street with washers and dryers for public use. Many hotels also offer this service to their guests.

What is the nearest airport and how long is the transfer?

Preveza (PVK ) airport is 75mins away from Nidri. During the summer months, several airlines fly in and out of PVK weekly. You can also to fly into Corfu (CFU) or Kefalonia (EFL), and either of these require a 1hr ferry and 90 min road journey. Corfu flights are generally the cheapest option for this area of Greece. Athens (ATH) is also an option, though transfer takes around 6 hrs.

What is ‘Community Splash Day’?

This FREE session is run on the first Sunday of each month for 2 hours, and is specifically for local residents. We welcome families to come down to the centre together and enjoy what Nidri has to offer. We organise water games and races to get everyone out having fun and meeting new people.  The equipment is free to hire, and you can go out with an instructor to get some tips and tricks if you want to. Please note that booking in advance is essential.

Are beach towels provided?

Beach towels are not provided. There are several local shops selling towels.

What is the nightlife like in Nidri?

Nidri is not a huge party town but, for a small place, it does manage to tick a lot of boxes when it comes to nightlife. There is a great selection of bars, cafes and restaurants. You can choose from chilled-out cocktail bars with sofa areas, to lively dance bars with beach front music. Teenagers and parents will all find a corner of Nidri to suit them. You can be just 5 minutes away from the main dance bar at 'Sail Inn', yet feel a million miles away having a peaceful dinner or aperitif!

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